PFC’s Afternoon Tea!

Our fun-filled ‘Afternoon Tea’ sessions were held online on Fridays 2:45pm to 4pm during the COVID pandemic. This is an archived page held for reference only but it also helps you see the kinds of things we were doing during this period … :

Have fun, lift your spirits and meet others while gaining the physical and mental benefits of taking part in singing with others – all from the comfort of your own home!

Summer Series 2021

Dates and themes are listed below. Song lyrics for each week are provided – click the week’s link to download (these are generally made available on the Monday before the Friday session takes place).

Preparing visual props or accessories relevant to particular songs or themes enhances yours and others enjoyment of the session. Get creative and have fun!


Click here for A-Z list of individual song lyrics or click links above for weekly lyrics packs

How to join:

  1. If you’ve not used Zoom before, download, install and register the ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ software. It’s free and you can get it here.
  2. Contact us for the Meeting ID and password or to sign up to our mailing list (this is a great way to keep up-to-date with news of our online sessions and more!).
  3. At the time of the session, open Zoom, click to ‘Join Meeting’ and enter the meeting ID and password we’ve provided.

Our online workshops include simple relaxation and breathing exercises, physical and vocal warm-ups and lots of fun songs to join in with! You can see extracts from one of our sessions here!

How to Pay:

We rely on donations as we have no core or long-term funding. As a guide, we request £4 per person per session to help keep our services going. However, anything you can afford will help tremendously and if you can’t afford to pay then that’s fine. Come anyway!

You can make your donation here via PayPal. Or contact us for bank details so you an make a payment via bank transfer (BACS). Thank you for your support!

Tips for getting the best experience:

  • Sound: The in-built speakers on your iPad, phone or computer are OK but your experience will be enhanced if you use external speakers (i.e. USB plug-in or Bluetooth speakers). You can also use headphones (however, unless they’re wireless you may be limited for movement because of the cable!). Either of these options will provide better sound-quality your end.
  • Being heard: The in-built microphone on your iPad, phone or computer is fine for what we’re doing; you don’t an external microphone unless you’re leading a song.
  • Practice with a friend to get familiar with the views and options. Use a large screen and ‘Gallery View’ if possible as this allows you to see everyone else. Your enjoyment and connection with others will be significantly enhanced!
  • Song lyrics/chords: Download/print lyrics beforehand. We will continue adding resources over the weeks so keep an eye out for changes. If you don’t have a printer, ask a friend or get in touch with us and we will post them to you. Alternatively, if you have another device (i.e. iPad/phone or another computer/laptop) you could have the lyrics open on another screen!
  • Keep hydrated: Have some water and/or something nice to drink handy! This is important for a healthy voice. You might also like some treats and nibbles!
  • Props/accessories: Have something colourful to wave! Scarves are ideal. You might also enjoy playing along with some percussion or an instrument (chords are provided above for some of the songs)!