Sing to Beat Parkinson’s

Playing for Cake is bringing Sing to Beat Parkinson’s (STBP) to North Norfolk!

Details of these ‘Skylarks’ singing groups can be found below and you can watch a great, interesting video about Sing to Beat Parkinson’s, the work they’ve been doing and why singing is so good for people with Parkinson’s here.

Losing the voice can have a major impact on one’s quality of life.  There is a growing body of evidence that shows that singing can help people living with Parkinson’s retain their voice quality.  Some of this research is listed here.

Our practitioners are trained by STBP to ensure we can deliver the highest quality sessions for our participants and their carers.  Most importantly, we guarantee that these sessions will always be fun! Come along and help keep these groups going – the more the merrier!

See our events page for details of regular classes across North Norfolk (based in Sheringham, North Walsham and Fakenham).

Please help spread the word and come along if you can!  If you can offer help in other ways please do get in touch.

£4 per participant, per session including tea/coffee/refreshments (but no-one will be excluded due to inability to pay).

You don’t have to have Parkinson’s (or care for someone with Parkinson’s to come)! Everyone welcome!  Anyone can gain the health benefits associated with singing as part of attending these sessions.  We need people to come along and support the sessions to help keep the service going!