Singing for Better Breathing

How singing can improve your breathing – this information has been published by the British Lung Foundation.

Breathe yourself better! Simple breathing exercises and techniques (PDF)

NHS YouTube videos – breathing exercises and ‘Accent Method’

YouTube Videos to help you continue your practice at home/between sessions!  This resource has been published by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre.

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Also see the Recommunicate Speech YouTube channel for breathing and vocal exercises that help improve voice quality and abdominal breathing (which supports the voice, reduces stress and anxiety and improves lung/general health) . These videos have been produced by Louise Lim, our Speech, Language and Communication consultant from Recommunicate Speech.

Find out about people’s experiences of Singing for Breathing in Cambridge

Order a free DVD from the British Lung Foundation (BLF) website – ‘Stay Active, Stay Well’ here. This DVD shows how you can be active in your own home at a level that’s right for you. It takes you through a warm up, aerobic and strengthening exercises as well as a cool down and stretching. Although produced for people with lung conditions, it is also suitable for others. It includes tips on how you can manage breathlessness and setting yourself goals.

The BLF also has some advice online to help keep yourself healthy and exercise at home for better lung health.

You can order the ‘Singing for Breathing’ CD here produced by Phoene Cave from The Musical Breath, who trained Tina as part of her training with the British Lung Foundation. The CD contains vocal exercises with an emphasis on improving lung health. It isn’t designed to substitute coming to a workshop but it’s a nice way of continuing to exercise at home.

While we cannot take responsibility for any content on external websites, we can recommend looking on YouTube for simple breathing exercises you can do at home. This video by a physiotherapist provides a demonstration of how to deepen the breath, which brings a range of health benefits and is good for reducing stress and anxiety.

Latest research on the benefits of ‘Singing for Breathing’ by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre for the Arts and Health (Published June 2017)

This ‘Singing for Lung Health’ (SLH) Systematic Review and Consensus Statement by the British Lung Foundation outlines the benefits of singing in terms of physical, psychological and social benefits. It is based on a review of research studies on the subject and written by a group of respiratory physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, health psychologists and music therapists.