• Promote better health and wellbeing for people of all ages and abilities through singing and making music with others.
    • Engage people living with a range of  health conditions, carers and health professionals to help bring about the wide range of known social, emotional, physical and mental health benefits that singing and music-making with others can bring.
    • Build capacity within our communities to increase Singing for Health opportunities.
    • Contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of our local communities through improved health and wellbeing and increased social, economic and cultural opportunities.
  • We meet our aims by:

    • Providing fun, interactive and participatory community-based singing and music-making opportunities for all ages and abilities.
    • Encouraging participants to increase physical activity using the voice, movement, percussion and/or props.
    • Helping participants increase social interactions, build confidence and increase peer-support networks.
    • Fundraising and operating on a not-for-profit basis to keep sessions at a low cost (if not free) for participants wherever possible while being able to pay our session-leaders*, volunteers’ expenses and cover core running costs.
    • Providing volunteering opportunities relating to all aspects associated with running the organisation (as well as delivering sessions).

Playing For Cake (24 of 42)

  • Playing For Cake (25 of 42)Working with health care professionals and community group leaders to design tailored musical activities that can help with specific health needs or goals.
  • Injecting targeted exercises/activities into songs  as necessary to help people improve or manage particular health conditions.
  • Helping local musicians and other members of our community (including former participants!) develop musicianship, skills and confidence by leading songs or sessions (with support as necessary).  This helps build capacity within the PFC community and beyond!  Some may wish to develop skills further to become singing for health practitioners. 
  • *Paying session-leaders when we can. This is important if we are to properly support musicians and arts-based practitioners more broadly. It will help build capacity, deliver sustainable services and help keep our local area culturally rich and vibrant.

Interactive music session involving props!