Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re not sure if one of our groups is for you, check out the following:

Q: Why is it called this?

Tina and George started playing together in a band called Playing for Cake, before it was set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC).  We were called Playing for Cake because we started off playing in local tea rooms and restaurants and were often literally paid in tea and cake!  Our third band member was diagnosed with dementia and it was partly the experience of working with him, until he went into full-time residential care, that led to the setting up of Playing for Cake as it is today.  Tina also had two grandparents with dementia and had experienced the use of music to help improve her own health and wellbeing, which led to Tina’s ideas of setting up Playing for Cake to do the type of work it is doing now.

Q: What is your expertise?

Our team has a range of skills! The team includes experienced community musicians who have trained as singing for health practitioners with organisations such as Sing to Beat Parkinson’s and The British Lung Foundation. We also have a speech and language therapist on board! See ‘The Team’ for more info.

 Q: Who are the groups for?

Anyone interested in singing with others for fun while helping improve their general health and wellbeing!  We have set up regular groups to encourage people with lung conditions or Parkinson’s to sing, but all members of our communities are welcome.  We have regular participants with various health conditions as well as people who want to gain confidence in singing with others and develop their voice.

We encourage anyone to come along because the more the merrier and everyone has the potential to benefit physically, mentally, socially or emotionally from taking part in singing!  In addition, by coming along to our regular groups you can help support the work we’re doing and help provide a fun and enjoyable experience for participants with particular health conditions.

We find that carers also especially benefit from taking part.

Contact us to discuss any queries, concerns or particular health conditions.

Q: Do I need a disability to attend?

No. See above.

Q: What are the access arrangements at the venues?

We ensure all our venues are fully accessible for people with disabilities.

Q: Transport is a problem. How might I get to one of your regular sessions?

All our venues are served by local bus routes but you can also get in touch with North Norfolk Community Transport – they offer a Dial A Ride transport service which is bookable and can cater for wheelchairs etc.  Give them a call on 01263 839009 to find out more.

Q: Do I have to attend every week?

No. The great thing about our workshops are that you don’t have to sign up to a course and you can just drop in when it’s convenient to yourself. However, the more practice you have, the more likely you’ll reap the benefits!

Q: How much does it cost?

We request £4 per participant per class (including refreshments) for our regular classes but this is a voluntary donation (so no-one is excluded if they can’t afford it). However, we do rely on donations to help keep the classes running so if people value the service we’re providing we hope that people will contribute to our costs.

Q: My doctor has told me that I need to get out and meet people, which group would be best for me?

Any of our regular sessions are suitable. They’re all very friendly, supportive and informal. Get in touch if you’ve any queries or just come along and give it a go!  It may be that we can arrange for someone to meet you, to come with, if you’d like.

Q: Can I come along and try it?

Yes!  The great thing about our workshops are that you don’t have to sign up to a course so you can just drop in at any of the groups, when it’s convenient, and see if you like it. Get in touch if you’ve any queries or concerns or just come along and give it a go!

Q: Can I bring a friend?

Yes! Everyone is welcome.

Q: How long do sessions last?

Generally the sessions are 1 hour long but we also make time for tea/coffee/refreshments – see details of our regular groups for timings.

Q: I get tired very easily, can I come for a short time?

Yes – no problem. Feel free to drop out (or just listen or giggle at the rest of us!) as and when it suits you.

Q: What sort of people attend?

A wide range of people come along. Some people just want to gain confidence in singing with others, or they just enjoy singing/music-making with others, while some are there with specific health conditions. We have people with lung conditions, neurological conditions, Parkinson’s or dementia, carers and people with disabilities.  Mainly, our participants tend to be middle-aged or above however we do try to attract younger people and we do have teenagers upwards coming along to our Mid-Week Music at The Hub sessions.

Q: I am shy in crowds

No problem. The groups are friendly and supportive and we may be able to arrange for someone to meet you or come with you, if that helps.  It can feel a little intimidating the first time you come but we find that generally people soon find their feet and really enjoy taking part!  The sessions are a great way to build confidence.  Please do get in touch if you’d like to chat about things further.

Q: I lack confidence

See the above!  If there are particular reasons why you lack confidence, or it is lack of confidence in relation to particular aspects of attending a group, please get in touch to chat about it.