Fun, informal and interactive music sessions can bring a range of known physical, social and emotional benefits to people.  For example, singing increases physical activity, exercises the muscles in the head, neck, throat, torso and abdomen, increases social interaction and above all, can be tremendous fun!  We see ourselves as musical facilitators to help people gain these benefits!

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Playing For Cake (35 of 42)We also have some online resources that help explain the benefits of singing and music for people living with particular health conditions.  There are also links to videos on these pages so people can practice at home.  You will find these in our ‘Singing for Better Breathing’, ‘Sing to Beat Parkinson’s’ and ‘Singing for Stroke Survivors’ pages.

You can also visit our Facebook page  for more photos and videos of some of our sessions (especially Mid-Week Music at The Hub!).

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