Playing for Cake, Singing and Music-making for better Health and Wellbeing

Singing and music-making can bring a range of physical, social and emotional health benefits. And we can help!

Playing for Cake’s sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities. Taking part can help with lots of things! For example, they help participants increase physical activity and exercise muscles in the head, neck, throat, torso and abdomen. The sessions can help improve breathing, for better general health and to help manage lung conditions. Taking part can help increase social interaction, improve confidence, build peer-support networks and help people form new friendships.  Taking part can also help improve communication skills and voice quality.

This image links to a video about PFC.
Watch this video to find out more about PFC! Includes one participant’s story.

Use the menus above to find out about current groups, such as Singing for Health, Wellbeing and Fun or Singing for Breathing. You might also be interested in one-off events. You can also find out about us and our aims.

We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities, so you could even get involved to help improve your musicianship or help out with the admin!

Contact us for any general enquiries or if you’d like to be added to our mailing list for news and session updates.

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We also have a range of online resources which explain the benefits of singing and music for people living with particular health conditions, including links to videos to help people practice at home.  See ‘Singing for Better Breathing’, ‘Sing to Beat Parkinson’s’ and ‘Singing for Stroke Survivors’ .

You can also visit our Facebook page  for photos and videos of some previous sessions.