Singing for Stroke Survivors

Singing brings a range of benefits for people who have been affected by a stroke, this is because of the way it can help speech and communication and exercises the muscles of the face, neck and throat.

Read about the experiences of the The North West Community Stroke Choir is a Stroke Association Voluntary Group

Enjoy some online ‘virtual choir sessions’ produced by Voices of Aphasia. Great for some practice at home!

Read about the experiences of The Stroke a Chord choir

BBC News article – “Finding their voice: How stroke survivors can sing” – One Voice, Birmingham.

“Singing after stroke? Why rhythm and formulaic phrases may be more important than melody” (Science Daily, 2011)

Learn more about aphasia from this BBC programme about the challenges for people living with aphasia as a result of having a stroke.  This demonstrates the importance of helping stroke survivors build confidence and reduce anxiety about communicating with others.  Having supportive social situations that provide the opportunity for people to be around others and ‘practice’ communicating is extremely important for the recovery process.