Singing for Health

See our Singing for Health, Wellbeing and Fun page for details and the current schedule.

The workshops are designed to be fun and suitable for anyone interested in improving their physical and/or mental health through singing.  Time is allowed for refreshments (provided).

These workshops incorporate Singing for Better Breathing and Sing to Beat Parkinson’s principles. The sessions promote:

  • Increased physical exercise
  • Effective breathing habits for everyday life and better general health
  • Better lung health
  • Increased voice quality and range
  • Improved confidence in singing and music-making with others
  • Social interaction
  • New friendships
  • Increased peer-support networks
  • Respite and support for carers

£5 voluntary donation requested per participant, including refreshments for our in-person, group sessions (or what you can afford – no-one will be excluded on the basis of inability to pay).

YouTube Videos to help you continue your practice at home/between sessions!  This resource has been published by the Sidney De Haan Research Centre.

Join us for our live sessions online!

Also see the Recommunicate Speech YouTube channel for breathing and vocal exercises that help improve voice quality and abdominal breathing (which supports the voice, reduces stress and anxiety and improves lung/general health) . These videos have been produced by Louise Lim, our Speech, Language and Communication consultant from Recommunicate Speech.

Breathe yourself better! Simple breathing exercises and techniques (PDF)

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